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We want to empower women to embrace their confident inner goddess through body positivity and self-care. Flaunt those curves in this perfect waist trainer for all body types and sizes! Our product is designed to make you feel more comfortable in your own skin.


Our waist trainers have been carefully crafted to help you shed that stubborn belly fat. Leisure Forever is about helping you embrace your femininity and feeling confident in your body.

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Wrap Me
Wrap Me
Wrap Me
Wrap Me

Wrap Me

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The Wrap Me Belly Band provides the perfect amount of front and back support while giving you the flexibility to adjust the compression specifically to your body so you can achieve that hourglass figure, especially after childbirth. We adopted and implemented Caribbean methods of banding after baby to engineer the perfect band for you! Not only is this band designed to support after post-delivery, but also provides support for post-op abdominal surgeries. 

The material of the Wrap Me band was designed to boost fat loss by increasing body temperature in the midsection. The Wrap Me band is elastic, yet durable, allowing you to stretch and compress at a comfortable level. The band is made to be comfortable so you can effortlessly wear it underneath your clothing during your everyday life. 

Effortlessly achieve that hourglass shape and shrink your belly with ease with the Wrap Me belly band!


  • Adjustable Compression to Encourage Hour-Glass Figure
  • Increases body temperature to boost weight loss
  • All Day Front and Back Support
  • Slim & Support Your Belly, Waist, and Hips Post-Delivery
  • Postpartum Waist Reshaping
  • Elastic & Durable Perfect for Post-op contouring and shaping
  • Back support and posture alignment

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