High Compression Faja

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Say hello to our High Compression Faja, your trusted companion tailored for both new mothers and post surgery recovery. This garment steps in to support your healing process, define your figure, and accentuate your natural curves. It's the essential piece you can rely on to boost your confidence and feel your absolute best during these transformative journeys.

For Post Surgery Recovery:

  • Perfect for Post-Op Care: Ideal for post-surgical procedures such as tummy tucks, liposuction, and Brazilian butt lifts, our High Compression Faja ensures you heal comfortably and confidently, playing a crucial role in your recovery journey.

  • Seamless Under Clothing: Featuring a discreet side zipper, our Faja seamlessly disappears under your clothing, allowing you to wear it with confidence and without any wardrobe restrictions.

  • Convenient Crotch Zipper: We've added a crotch zipper for your convenience, eliminating the need to remove the entire Faja when nature calls. Stay comfortable and in control.

  • Accelerate Healing and Achieve Your Dream Snatch: Our High Compression Faja is not just a garment; it's your partner in achieving the hourglass figure you've always dreamed of. It supports your body's natural healing process while helping you sculpt the curves you desire.

  • Cellulite Reduction: Say goodbye to back cellulite as our Faja smooths and refines your skin, leaving you with a flawless look.

  • Don't Forget Your Body Contouring Massages: To optimize your results, don't forget to schedule body contouring massages and lymphatic drainage massages. These massages complement the benefits of our Faja and can help you achieve the best results on your journey to your dream silhouette.

For New Mothers:

  • Snap Back to Confidence: With our High Compression Faja, new mothers can bounce back to their pre-baby shape faster than ever. Your path to rejuvenation is made easier.

  • Accelerates Postpartum Recovery: For new moms, this Faja accelerates postpartum belly recovery, helping you regain your pre-baby figure with ease.

  • Plump Butt Enhancement: Enjoy a plumper, more sculpted rear with our carefully crafted design that enhances your natural curves.

  • Adjustable and Removable Straps: Customize your comfort with adjustable and removable straps. Wear them as needed to suit your preferences.

  • Epoxy Design for Leg Openings: We've added an epoxy design to the leg openings, preventing any unwanted curling and ensuring a secure fit all day long.

  • Seamless Style and Discretion: Our High Compression Faja seamlessly disappears under your clothing, allowing you to wear it with confidence and without any wardrobe restrictions. It's your secret to maintaining an elegant, streamlined appearance even while undergoing postpartum recovery.