Meet the woman behind Leisure Forever.

                                                                            Founder, LaToya Howard

“Over the years I’ve struggled with my weight and staying consistent with fitness. One thing that truly helped me was styling outfits that gave me the confidence to achieve my goals and feel confident and sexy while wearing them. 

I noticed the activewear that I wore was starting to all look the same. It just wasn’t making me feel the way I wanted to feel.

I live in athleisure wear and I wanted to create an activewear brand that made me feel fashionable and comfortable at the same time. And, I wanted to create a brand that could bring out the confidence in other women — activewear that makes a statement.

I decided to build a tribe to inspire and motivate each other to embrace their shapes, be bold, and feel sexy whether at the grocery store, brunch, or gym. That tribe is Leisure Forever. 

From shapewear to activewear, our stylish and comfortable pieces will give you the confidence and motivation you need to feel sexy in or out of the gym!”