Meet the woman behind Leisure Forever.

                                                                            Founder, LaToya Howard

Meet LaToya Howard aka LaToya Forever, a passionate entrepreneur and a true advocate for shape wear. Her journey with shape wear began after she experienced struggles with her weight following the birth of her children. In her Caribbean culture, women traditionally used various techniques, such as waist trainers and wraps, to banish their post-pregnancy belly and snatch their waistlines.

 LaToya, inspired by her own successful transformation and newfound confidence, documented her weight loss journey, sharing her experience with waist trainers and other shape wear products. Her supporters were curious about her secrets to success, and she realized there was a demand for high-quality, effective shape wear that could support women in their own weight loss journeys, postpartum recovery, and confidence-building endeavors.

Driven by her desire to empower women and help them embrace their bodies, LaToya decided to create her own line of shapewear. She envisioned products that were not only functional but also beautiful, allowing women to feel confident and comfortable throughout their day while enhancing their natural curves.

LaToya's shapewear line became a sensation, as women from all walks of life found support and encouragement in her products. Whether they were looking to shed post-pregnancy weight, achieve a slimmer waistline, or simply build self-assurance, LaToya's shapewear proved to be a game-changer.

Through her genuine passion and dedication, LaToya Forever has become a beacon of inspiration for women worldwide. Her shapewear collection has not only transformed bodies but also transformed lives, instilling confidence and encouraging women to embrace their unique beauty. LaToya's mission remains rooted in empowering women to love themselves, their bodies, and to embrace their own remarkable journeys towards health, self-acceptance, and confidence.