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When you need to sculpt and contour your curves, and finally maintain or get the hourglass figure you’ve always wanted, the Sleep with Me Compression Shorts are perfect for you! Made from high quality, top-notch materials that are suitable for all skin and body types, sleeping with these compression shorts every night ensures that you achieve the ultimate snatch! The Sleep with Me Compression shorts hold you tight in all the right places. You can also wear these body contouring shorts underneath your clothing comfortably and seamlessly. WHY SHOULD YOU BUY THE SLEEP WITH ME SHORTS? Get The Perfect Body Our high quality compression shorts sculpt your shape, contour your curves, and lift your butt, giving you the perfect hourglass shape you deserve! Now you can enhance your natural shape and get the body of your dreams without stress. Body Contouring and Shaping Made Easy! It can be frustratingly hard getting rid of stubborn fat deposits after an operation or post-partum. Not anymore! With the Sleep with Me Compression Shorts, perfectly shaping and contouring your body is easy and breezy. Ergonomically Designed for The Best Results With zippers and corset hooks for extra snatch, and anti-slip laces, the Sleep with Me Compression Shorts are designed to give the maximum comfort, reliability, and efficiency. They’re designed with you in mind! Ready to Achieve the Ultimate Snatch?


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